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How do I start staking QTUM?

2018-12-04 | QTUM

Staking QTUM is automated and not that difficult. You could quite easily download the QTUM core wallet onto your main pc, set up the wallet and send your QTUM there and start the staking progress. However staking is most profitable when done consistently. If your computer is only running half of the time your staking reward will only be half of what it could it be. Not only that but your computer will require a lot of energy compared to small energy efficient device like an OmniStaker. That’s why the best way to stake is buy a small lightweight computer (like a Raspberry pi) and set it up for staking and let it run 247.

The problem with this is that these devices usually run Linux and in general don’t run out of the box. This is not a problem for everyone but definitely a problem for a large number of people interested in staking. This is why we’ve developed the OmniStaker, to give you an easy to set up device that is both energy efficient and can run multiple staking protocols. With the OmniStaker you’ll be able to maximize your staking rewards and you won’t need to buy a different device if you decide you want to stake a different coin or even multiple coins at the same time! We’ve made the whole process as streamlined as possible, our goal was to make it so that even our own grandparents could set up a staking node!