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Uninstallers now available

2019-04-26 | crypto

We’re happy to announce that uninstallers are now added for every wallet. We had some questions about uninstalling wallets from your OmniStaker. We’ve made it very easy by adding an automatic uninstaller for every wallet.

How it works

Whenever you install the wallet of a certain cryptocurrency, an uninstaller is automatically installed on your OmniStaker. You can find it in the Uninstallers folder on your Desktop. Click on it and a terminal will appear asking you whether you want to continue the process. Press ENTER and the wallet will be uninstalled from your computer.

We will make backup of your wallet data. You can access this in the Home/Backups folder. To be sure, we recommend that you make a backup of your wallet yourself as well. Without a backup you will lose the coins stored in that wallet.

Removing old wallets

If you installed a wallet before this update you do not have an uninstaller yet. If you want to uninstall a wallet please contact the OmniStaker Team and we will help you with the process.