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Upcoming OmniStaker 1.1 update

2018-12-20 | crypto

First of all, thank you for purchasing the OmniStaker. We hope you enjoy using the device. We have gathered your feedback and are working on the issues our first customers have experienced. In this blog post we will give you an overview of what we are working on.

PivX initial syncing improvement

PivX has proved most troublesome with many users experiencing very long sync times. We have decided to alter our installation script and use a blockchain snapshot to accommodate our customers. This snapshot is hosted on our own servers for your security. With the new snapshot, PivX should now sync within 8 to 16 hours. Please note that Pivx unfortunately still requires a lot of RAM usage from the OmniStaker and we do not recommend running other wallets besides it. We hope the PivX team is able to improve this in the coming year.

The updated PivX script is already active on our servers. Need help removing your wallet? Contact our support team.

Minor RAM improvements

We have implemented a small improvement on how the system handles RAM under heavy usage. This update will give a lit bit of extra headroom in some cases. The ZRAM will be added as part of our 1.1 update which we are planning to launch in 1 to 2 weeks.

Revamped installation and uninstallation process

We’ve noticed some customers run into trouble using the command lines in the terminal. We have revamped our system to have the command line automatically run by clicking a desktop icon. This is part of the 1.1 update. After the 1.1 update you will find a folder on your desktop with installers and uninstallers to install / remove wallets from your OmniStaker.

Easier password system for new users

Also part of the 1.1 update is a change in the double password system. We’ve found that having 2 different passwords was confusing for many customers so instead we’re going to switch to 1 password for both accessing and adding software to your OmniStaker. It will still be possible to configure 2 passwords for advanced users who would like the extra layer of security from having 2 passwords.

This change will only be active for new users. Existing customers will have the same password setup.

Transparency about RAM usage for each wallet

We will create an interactive table on our website which shows how much resources each staking wallet uses. This way you can easily calculate how many, and which wallets you can run on your OmniStaker.

We hope to release version 1.1 with 2 weeks.