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Update 1.1 OmniStaker released

2019-01-07 | crypto

Update 1.1 for the OmniStaker is now available.

Make sure you have backups of your wallets before updating. You can update the OmniStaker by opening the terminal and running the following command:


Your device will update automatically after typing in the command and pressing ENTER.

Release notes

The following things have been updated:

ZRAM implementation

In some cases this will improve memory usage marginally. The OmniStaker is also less likely to crash when the memory is (almost) full.

Calculate memory usage per coin

On this page you can now calculate which coins take up how much memory.

Desktop installers for each coin

You will now find a folder called Installers on your desktop. You can install new cryptocurrencies by double clicking the installer. Enter the terminal commands is no longer required but still possible.

PivX improved initial syncing speed

The new PivX installer now syncs within 48 hours. Please note this can change in the future because the blockchain size is constantly expanding.

Improvements for new users

If you buy on OmniStaker now you will also receive desktop uninstallers and a easier to use password system. If you prefer this on a currently purchased product please contact our support team.

Thank you so much and if you have any feedback please share with us and we will try to improve it for the next update.

Kind regards,

The OmniStaker team