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What is the Return of Investment that QTUM Staking Offers?

2018-12-04 | QTUM

QTUM currently offers a return of 5 up to 7% annually for people who stake 247. When you send a transaction to your wallet it first needs to mature for 500 blocks. After that it is valid for staking (a block is mined roughly every 2 minutes). Every block mined rewards you with 4 QTUM + the transaction fees in that block. The staking progress is completely randomized you could view it as a lottery where 1 QTUM staking buys you 1 ticket into the lottery. However your transactions in your wallet will enter the lottery not the QTUM itself. The amount of QTUM in a transaction however determines it’s weight in the lottery. So lets say there are 2 transaction into your QTUM wallet 1 for 250 QTUM and the other for 500 QTUM this mean’s you’ll enter the lottery with 2 transactions. However the one with 500 QTUM is twice as likely to win a block and earn you the staking reward. There is a catch to this after a transaction has “won” the lottery and mined a block it will be considered “staked” and is not eligible to earn another reward until 500 blocks have passed. Because of this it is smart to consider splitting your QTUM transactions into you wallet into 250-1000 QTUM per transaction depending on how much QTUM you have. You can use this staking calculator to calculate roughly how much QTUM you’ll earn by staking.