Staking Neblio

Start Staking

Start Staking

Staking Neblio is an easy process. Install the Neblio Core wallet on your computer and send your coins to this wallet. You have to wait 24 hours before your coins become eligible to stake. After that you can unlock your wallet for staking en start earning rewards. Because of the coin age system that Neblio uses the chances you’ll earn a reward increase when you stake continuously. To minimize the power consumption you don’t want to run a wallet on your computer. It’s more beneficial to use a dedicated device with low power consumption. On the OmniStaker you can stake Peercoin in an energy efficient way. Read More...

Return On Investment

The return of Neblio are relatively high compared to other cryptocurrencies. You can expect a return of around 10% per year when you stake 24/7. The process of staking is like a random lottery in which every coin buys you one ticket. The value of this ticket increases depending on the coin age. That’s why it’s beneficial to not stop the staking process on your wallet. Want to know more about the return of staking Neblio? Read More...

Return On Investment Neblio

Start staking Neblio with the OmniStaker in 5 steps

  1. 1Connect the OmniStaker to your router
  2. 2Easily access the device through your WiFi network
  3. 3Download and sync the Neblio wallet
  4. 4Send your coins to the wallet on the OmniStaker
  5. 5Happy Staking!

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