Staking Reddcoin

Start Staking

Start Staking

Reddcoin is one of the cryptocurrencies that is very easy to stake. You can simply install the wallet, send your coins to it and press the button to enable staking. The Proof of Stake system of Reddcoin encourages continuous staking so in order to maximize your rewards you have to run the wallet on a device that is turned on 24/7. To minimize the power consumption you don’t want to run a wallet on your computer. It’s more beneficial to use a dedicated device with low power consumption. On the OmniStaker you can stake Reddcoin in an energy efficient way. Read More...

Return On Investment

There is no threshold number of owned coins you need to start staking Reddcoin. Anyone who owns Reddcoin can start staking. On an annual basis Reddcoin can return up to 6% of your investment. Since your interest is paid in Reddcoin the compound interest principle applies here as well. The 6% return can only be achieved with continuous staking. Want to know more about the return of staking Reddcoin? Read More...

Return On Investment Reddcoin

Start staking Reddcoin with the OmniStaker in 5 steps

  1. 1Connect the OmniStaker to your router
  2. 2Easily access the device through your WiFi network
  3. 3Download and sync the Reddcoin wallet
  4. 4Send your coins to the wallet on the OmniStaker
  5. 5Happy Staking!

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